Why Limiting Your Child’s Screen Time Will Save Their Spine

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami Limit Your Child's Screen Time to Save Their Spine
Sadly, we see it every single day in our office...young children coming in with back pain and neck pain like never before. This is large in part because they're spending ENTIRELY too much time on mobile phones and tablets.

In a study performed at Shriner's Hospital, 57% of the 648 tested children had back pain that paralleled those in the adult population! This back pain is largely due to the amount of time spent on computers, tablets and mobile phones and it's starting at a very young age.

How Can You Actually Limit Your Childs' Screen Time To Prevent Back Pain?

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami Limit Your Child's Screen Time to Save Their Spine


As parents, it’s vital that we are aware of just how long our children are spending on their mobile devices, and it’s quite easy to lose track of time with our busy schedules. Kids are using these devices in cars, before dinner, after dinner, at school and in the morning before school.

Educate your children about being aware of their posture, what proper posture is and why it’s important.


Just like I encourage adults to set timers as reminders to get up and stretch while working at their computers, the same goes for your children! Set a timer on your phone for 30 minutes and LIMIT the amount of time your children are playing on their devices.


Your child’s posture is never going to be perfect, but if you encourage them to use their electric devices at a table or desk, this will further reinforce good posture and good habits for many years to come.

Be sure that they’re using their devices in an area that you can check on them regularly, to ensure they’re maintaining good posture.


Children learn from their parents and you have the ability to set a great example of teaching your kiddos to take breaks, stretch and get outside! Go on a walk with the kids or head to the park. Detaching from the digital world is vital for adults and children alike.

Not only do exercise and stretching prevent back pain, but they also come with an endless amount of other health benefits. Plus, it’ll instill healthy habits that your children will be sure to carry with them throughout their lifetime.


On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami Limit Your Child's Screen Time to Save Their Spine

Dr. Josh and I created the Posture Protector App because we just couldn’t see kids (and adults) slouching over their phones any longer. The app will alert your kiddos (and you) when they slouch by dimming their screen, encouraging proper posture while using their mobile devices. 

The screen will darken so much that they’ll HAVE to hold the device properly in order to play their game/view their content. It even tracks the amount of times your kiddos go on the device.

It’s currently available on the Google Play Store (we’re starting development for iPhone in 2021). 

Check It Out On The Google Play Store!

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