Spring Clean Your Wellness: 6 Bad Habits to Break

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami: Spring Clean Your Wellness-6 Habits To Break
Spring cleaning is all about getting rid of the gunk in your life...the unneeded and unused, the things that are cluttering your life and maybe even taking away from it. It’s about cleaning those hard to reach spots and often neglected areas. In a way, it’s about how the seemingly insignificant actually is significant, because when it’s gone/clean/taken care of you feel so much better.

If your body is your temple...well, then your temple needs some spring cleaning. This season, let’s look into the tiny seemingly insignificant things that may be building up, and what you can do instead.

Here are just some of the things you can do to spring clean your wellness this season:

Prioritize a Consistent Sleep Schedule

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami: Spring Clean Your Wellness-6 Habits To Break

Everyone knows sleep is important. However, establishing consistent sleep and wake times seems to be neglected. Ever heard the saying quality over quantity? It’s not just about how much sleep you get, and establishing a sleep schedule may improve the quality of your sleep while ensuring the right quantity.

This article on Medical News Today explains how the right sleep schedule varies by person. Pay attention to how you feel in the mornings and throughout the day. Do you feel groggy when you wake up? Do you crash later in the day? Chances are you may need to not only get more sleep, but possibly establish a schedule better suited to you. There is some evidence that suggests early bedtimes are better for people and that later bedtimes may increase depressive symptoms. In general, it’s best to go to sleep within a couple hours after sunset, and wake up within a couple hours of sunrise.

Sleep.org says; “Going to bed and waking up in sync with natural light cycles is important for maintaining a balanced circadian rhythm, and following a consistent sleep schedule can help optimize your sleep-wake homeostasis.“

So this weekend, maybe skip the last five episodes of whatever show you’re binging this week and go to sleep so that you can wake up while it’s still, you know, breakfast time. As Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother says…”nothing good happens after 2am”, except for our purposes we might want to scale that back to 10pm or so. You get the idea.

P.S. One of the biggest reasons people come to us chiropractors is car accidents. The CDC reports that individuals who snored or slept 6 hours or less per day were more likely to fall asleep while driving. So please, get your sleep.

Stop Turning Coffee Into a Dessert

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami: Spring Clean Your Wellness-6 Habits To Break
Not because sugar is inherently bad for you, but an excessive amount of it is. Not to mention when we stop for a fancy coffee from Starbucks, how often do we get just the drink? Chances are you’re also getting a treat with it, or a tiny but high calorie sandwich.
Know what this means? Less available calories for food that will actually keep you full and energized for the rest of your day. If you really, really want the decked out coffee, go for it. However, don’t habitulize it, and treat it like what it is; a treat.

Trade Screen Time for Outdoor Time

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami: Spring Clean Your Wellness-6 Habits To Break

Spring means beautiful weather! One of the most common vitamin deficiencies in the US is a vitamin D deficiency. According to Mercy Hospital, about 42% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D! About 50%-90% of it is absorbed through the skin via sunlight, and about twenty minutes of sunlight with 40% of skin exposed is required to prevent deficiency, says this study.

Not to mention…do you know what all our screens have in common? They typically cause all sorts of poor posture. Falling asleep on the couch (or just slouching for hours while we binge watching Grey’s Anatomy), text neck, poor ergonomics while slaving away at the laptop, you name it. Yet another reason you end up in our office with neck and back pain.

Complain Less...Be Positive More

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami: Spring Clean Your Wellness-6 Habits To Break
Did you know the average person complains between 15-30 times a day? What’s worse, is that according to CNBC (based on research by Stanford University) complaining or being complained to for 30 minutes a day can actually damage the brain. It shrinks your hippocampus, which is an area important for problem-solving. So…complain at your own peril. Work might get a lot harder!

Reduce Your Emotional Spending

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami: Spring Clean Your Wellness-6 Habits To Break
Like emotional eating, except that instead of being bad for your waistline, it’s bad for your wallet. You know how when you have a bad day, Amazon starts whispering your name? No? Just me I guess. That $20 pair of shorts and $10 cute journal you probably won’t use nearly enough can add up quickly. 
Instead, try putting that money that you would have spent into a special savings account, so that eventually you can get something you really want, like a vacation or activity with the family/friends!

Stop Glorifying Stress and Overworking

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami: Spring Clean Your Wellness-6 Habits To Break
Working hard is great if it’s getting you closer to your goals. However, never at the expense of your personal wellness, or your relationships with the people close to you.
Ignore today’s “grind” culture, and work a healthy, balanced, amount! You’ll thank yourself later, when you look back and remember the good times you shared with friends and family, not that you worked too much to even enjoy your life.

Just like your spring cleaning, those tiny habits you need to work on are very individual. These are 6 out of HUNDREDS, maybe even thousands, of things you could start doing today to clean up the gunk in your wellness. Put some thought into the list that feels most right for YOU.

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Dr. Nichole A. Walz

Dr. Nichole A. Walz

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