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Now You Can Receive Treatment “On-The-Go”. . .. . .Without Wasting a Second in Miami Traffic.

At On-the-Go Wellness®, we offer mobile chiropractic services – so you don’t have to waste a second driving through the notorious Miami traffic, to then spend another half-hour attempting to find parking..With our mobile chiropractic services, you receive the full benefits of a Miami chiropractor, without any of the hassle.

We can come to your home or office and provide customized treatment. Call us and we will come to you, wherever you are in Miami, at a time that best fits your schedule.

You are eligible for our mobile chiropractor services if you live or work in the Miami area. We specifically serve the following areas: Brickell, Downtown Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, South Beach, Miami Beach, Edgewater, Wynwood, Key Biscayne, and Design District.  Read on for more on our mobile Miami chiropractic clinic services!

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Mobile Chiropractic Services Can Help With:

Auto Injuries

You’ve been in an auto accident, and your body is in pain.  Auto-accidents can cause headaches, a stiff neck, back pain, leg pain, muscle pain, or anything in between. Even if you don’t have pain immediately following a car accident, pain can develop later. This is why it’s always a good idea to be examined to rule out any injuries. A friendly reminder: in the state of Florida, you have a 14 day window to seek medical attention following a car accident. Otherwise, some insurances may not cover the treatment that you may require. >>I want to learn more about Auto Injuries<<

Back Pain

Back doesn’t feel well, and it’s messing up your day? Back pain is unpleasant, because it usually persists for a long time and never seems to go away. Severe lower, mid, or upper back pain causes include incorrect posture, auto-accidents, bulging discs, or a variety of other conditions. This can result in pain all over your back, or in specific areas. >>I want to learn more about back pain relief<< 

Headaches and Neck Pain

Having headaches every other day or pain in your neck? Headaches and neck pain can turn you from being a happy upbeat individual, into a cranky and negative Nora. Neck pain can be caused by herniated discs, pinched nerves in your neck, bulging discs or a variety of other causes. These can lead to tension, headaches, migraines, stiff neck, and many other symptoms. >>I want to learn more about neck pain and headaches<<

Extremity and Muscle Pain

Are your arms, legs, or muscles around your body feeling weaker? Although you workout at the gym consistently, your arms and legs seem to be weaker and in more pain than ever before. Extremity pain can be caused by excess strain on the tendons, muscles or bones in the arms and legs. This is typically caused by conditions like fibromyalgia, auto-accidents, or fatigue syndromes. This can result in leg pain, calf pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or sore muscles. >>I want to learn more about extremity and muscle pain<<

Sciatica and Nerve Pain

Pain in your hips, legs, or buttocks? You can’t seem to pass a day without having pain in the lower body. Sciatica can be caused by herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, aging, or just incorrect posture. Sciatica can cause weakness in the legs or feet, sensations of pins and needles in your lower half, bowel incontinence, or pain when walking. >>I want to learn more about sciatica<<


You feel pain and fatigue ‘Everywhere’. You can’t seem to pinpoint your pain, and the most specific description for your pain is that it’s ‘Everywhere’. The onset of Fibromyalgia can be caused by physical trauma like an auto accident, sports injury, infection, and other circumstances. At On-the-Go Wellness®, Miami chiropractic care, we can help manage the symptoms of your fibromyalgia and provide pain relief.  As a 5-star rated Google chiropractic clinic in Miami, we are rated  one of the best chiropractors in Miami.

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We Also Provide Corporate Wellness Programs

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