How To Practice Mindfulness Without Meditation

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami: How To Practice Mindful Meditation
Mindfulness and meditation are not synonymous.

Surprise! Mindfulness is defined as “the mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and body sensations” by the Oxford Dictionary.

Meditation, on the other hand, is defined as “Thinking deeply or focusing one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.”

So What Do Mindfulness and Meditation Have To Do With One Another?

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami: How To Practice Mindful Meditation

for a while isn’t your thing, this doesn’t mean mindfulness isn’t for you. In today’s world, we’re so often focused on either the future or the past. Where is the focus on the present? Where is the awareness of the here and now? The reality is we tend to lose it. We think of what we have to do this week, this month, this year. We think of the mistakes we’ve made. We use technology to keep track of the world around us and plan for the future. We share past moments on social media. None of this is inherently a bad thing, however the fact remains that EVERYONE can benefit from implementing mindfulness into their daily life to avoid getting wrapped up in these other habits.

“Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers which individually seem odorless but all together perfume the air.”

Georges Bernanos

This quote perfectly sums up the purpose of implementing mindfulness. If you can immerse yourself in the present moment and be fully present, you’re able to bring yourself peace. But it isn’t just one isolated moment of peace, it’s several moments that strung together that perfume your air (…you know what I mean). Basically, those moments add up and have a big impact on your overall life. Thanks for the quote, Georges.

How To Practice Mindfulness?
Tip 1: Mindful Walking

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami: How To Practice Mindful Meditation

Okay, so you’re sold on the fact that you should be practicing mindfulness. So you’re asking how exactly you’re supposed to do that in a practical way that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

I’ve got you, here are some of my favorite ways:

Mindful Walking – walking is sooo good for you. It’s one of my favorite ways to destress and get some extra movement in. Fun fact; increasing non-exercise activity thermogenesis (a component of your total daily energy expenditure as part of the thermic effect of physical activity (TEPA) that is not from planned exercise) can have a big impact on and aid in weight loss and fitness goals. Yet another reason to take daily walks! However, don’t just walk around the block while you take a phone call.

Try to take a mindful walk every day (or at least some days) by leaving your phone at home, and taking no distractions with you. Focus on the landscape (or cityscape) around you. What sounds can you hear? What can you observe? How does the ground feel beneath you? What’s the weather like? Observe everything you can about this moment, with all of your senses. Bonus points if you make it a coffee walk and involve your taste buds. I mean, we love coffee. Coffee earns bonus points always. Anyway, this is a great way to clear your head!

How To Practice Mindfulness?
Tip 2: Mindful Eating/Coffee

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami: How To Practice Mindful Meditation

This is one of my favorites. Eating our meals and drinking our coffee (or tea, or whatever you’re into) is another one of those things that often gets rushed through or multitasked through. When was the last time you really took some time to notice all the flavors of your beverage? All the textures of your food? Think of where this food came from and the process it went through to arrive on your plate. Take a second to appreciate the moment you have.

How To Practice Mindfulness?
Tip 3: Focusing on the 5 Senses

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami: How To Practice Mindful Meditation

This is a super simple one you can do at any point in your day, and is particularly useful for grounding yourself and calming anxiety. When you start to feel stressed and overwhelmed, try to pause and focus on the sensations each of your senses is receiving. Can you taste gum in your mouth? Can you feel air blowing on your skin or the surface beneath you supporting you? Pick out 5-10 things you can see, such as a bird outside the window, a pencil in your hand, or even a sleeping pet. What sounds can you hear? Any smells? You get the picture.

How To Practice Mindfulness?
Tip 4: Mindful Exercise

On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami: How To Practice Mindful Meditation

Last but not least, exercise is supposed to be great for you in both body and mind, so don’t just go through the motions in order to check another thing off of your to-do list. Really focus on each movement your body is making, all the muscles that are working, and the sensations of pushing yourself and improving your health with every breath.

Tada! Mindfulness without meditation. These techniques are strategies that you can use every day in less than 10 minutes. In other words; there is really no excuse for not trying them out. Take a couple of mindful moments for yourself every day and reap the rewards of appreciating the meadow flowers that together are able to perfume the air.

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