Embracing Wellness: Why We Choose Dry January Every Year

Embracing Wellness: Why We Choose Dry January Every Year
As the proud owners of a chiropractic/wellness practice, our journey in the pursuit of holistic well-being has been both personal and professional. One annual tradition that has become a cornerstone of our holistic health routine is the commitment to Dry January. Each year we enjoy a wonderful reset that allows us to detox from all of the holiday **~festivities~**. Read: lots of food and alcohol. This is one of our favorite ways of ensuring we start the new year off on the right foot, and as a bonus…gives us an excuse to make delicious mocktails. This month-long detox from alcohol not only brings about a multitude of benefits but also resonates deeply with the goals that Dr. Josh and I set for our overall health. While Dry January could be called a “trend” its benefits far outweigh the cost, and surpass the superficiality of a passing wellness trend. Let’s talk!

Benefits of Dry January

Embracing Wellness: Why We Choose Dry January Every Year

  1. Physical Health Improvement: Personally experiencing the physical transformations that come with abstaining from alcohol for a month is truly invigorating. The natural detoxification process gives my body the reset it needs, fostering better digestion, improved sleep, and heightened energy levels. You may even find you look better in addition to feeling better. Say hello to decreased face and eye puffiness, clearer skin, and maybe even a slimmer waistline from cutting all of those empty calories.
  2. Mental Clarity and Emotional Well-being: The impact on mental clarity and emotional stability during Dry January is undeniable. As someone deeply invested in the well-being of my clients, I appreciate the heightened focus and stabilized mood that comes with this alcohol-free month. A clear mind is essential not only for personal growth but also for providing the best care to those who entrust their health to me. But don’t take my word for it. You’ll immediately start to notice you can think better, focus longer, and feel less…all over the place? Trust me, your mental health will thank you.
  3. Quality Sleep: Alcohol negatively affects your REM sleep cycles, which are crucial for cognition and overall restorative effects. See this post by the Sleep Foundation. While alcohol may help you fall asleep, it actually makes staying asleep harder, and results in less restful sleep. Cutting alcohol out will immediately result in enhanced sleep quality, making this benefit one of the most immediately gratifying. And let’s be honest; just about every part of your life improves when you’re sleeping well.
  4. Financial Savings: Beyond the personal benefits, the financial savings from abstaining from alcohol for a month are a welcome bonus. To put it bluntly, getting drunk isn’t cheap. Even if you’re enjoying responsibly and drinking moderately throughout the holiday season, chances are you’re still drinking more. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, just make sure you reign it in after the festivities are over to ensure it doesn’t become a habit. Alcohol can easily rack up hundreds of dollars a month in spending that could be better spent on something that is actually good for you.

A Mocktail Recipe

Embracing Wellness: Why We Choose Dry January Every Year

We did say one of the best parts of dry January is indulging in a refreshing mocktail that won’t mess with your sleep or your skin, right? You didn’t think I’d leave you handing, did you? Here is one of Dr. Josh and I’s personal favorite mocktail recipes. And yes, they really do look that pretty, we just made this one last week!


  1. Mint
  2. Club Soda
  3. Lemon
  4. Coconut water

Adjust portions to taste and serve chilled on ice, in a fancy glass of course.

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