8 Morning Habits For a Healthier Life

8 morning habits for a healthier life
Starting your day of right is more important than you might think. You’re morning mindset can influence the rest of your entire day, so why not start it off both mentally and physically strong?

Starting your day of right is more important than you might think. You’re morning mindset can influence the rest of your entire day, so why not start it off both mentally and physically strong?

While it’s not always easy to take time for yourself (especially if you have a family and kiddos to look after), even if you can implement a few of these items into your daily routine, you’ll be on track to living a healthier life!


Water for the Win!

60% of the human body is made of water, which means that our bodies need it!

After sleeping 6-8 hours nightly, your body is dehydrated, so put down that cup of coffee and drink a LARGE (8oz) glass of water before eating or drinking ANYTHING.

8 morning habits for a healthier life drink water

Add some fresh lemon juice to your water as well to give your body a metabolism and immune boost. Drinking water first thing in the morning will also flush out any toxins in your digestive system, which will help improve gastric motility, making it easier to go to the bathroom.


I Bend So I Don't Break
After sleeping throughout the night, the muscles, joints and ligaments of the body can be stiff and sore! Why not stretch for 5-10 minutes after you get out of bed each morning?!

This will loosen up your body and improve circulation.The stiffer we get as we age, the more our bones wear and tear. Stretching can help slow this process down, which can prevent pain and problems down the road. Plus, stretching also helps prevent injuries during our day-to-day tasks and during exercise.


Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough
Instead of waking in the morning and dreading the day ahead, why not wake up and be grateful? We all have our own set of troubles and, while some may have it easier than others, there is certainly a lot to be grateful for in life. Even if it’s something simple such as a comfortable bed to sleep in, feeling safe every day, heaving good health or enjoying a cappuccino, there are SO many thing we can find in our lives to be grateful for.
8 morning habits for a healthier life practice gratitude

If you’re grateful, you cannot be worried, depressed, anxious or feel any other emotion. This gratitude will carry with you throughout the day and surely bring more good things your way.What are you grateful for today?


Because Some Questions Cannot Be Answered By Google
After you’re finished feeling grateful, take 3+ minutes to meditate and breathe. Meditation is the act of clearing the mind by following the breath. All too often, we are running from here to there, stressed, with high anxiety. We don’t look inward and relax (unless we’re sleeping). That is where mediation comes in.
8 morning habits for a healthier life meditate

If you’re new to meditation, there are SO many awesome guided meditations on Youtube that will walk you through breathing and focusing on having a good day ahead.This little sliver of time doesn’t seem like a big deal in your routine, but I assure you that when you add in a short meditation and gratitude each morning, your days will get better and better!


A Good Breakfast Fuels You Up & Gets You Ready For The Day
You know how they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, they’re not lying! Starting your day with a HEALTHY breakfast is essential. It gives your brain and body the proper vitamins and minerals to energize you and get you ready to ROCK THE DAY ahead!
8 morning habits for a healthier life eat breakfast

So what is a healthy breakfast? I can assure you it is NOT donuts, frappuccinos, Lucky Charms, Ego Waffles and protein bars. Breakfast should be made of REAL FOOD. Nothing processed, nothing that comes in a box, bag or can. Fruits, veggies, protein and whole grains. Try a bowl of oatmeal (not instant because its packed full of sugar) with a banana or a veggie omelet. Or try my ultimate favorite, avocado toast! Head over to Pinterest for an ENDLESS amount of healthy food options that’ll help kick-start your day!


Exercise? I Thought You Said Extra Fries?
Ok Ok….I know some people just don’t like exercising. But with the fact that we’re becoming more and more sedentary, we NEED exercise! Of course exercise can help us maintain a healthy body weight and lower the risk for many diseases, but did you also know that exercise has a LOT of other benefits?

When you exercise, endorphins are released from the brain, which means it improves your mood and literally makes you happier! When you exercise, you actually have MORE ENERGY and sleep better.

If you hate exercise, maybe you just haven’t found the type of exercise that is best for you? Not everyone has a passion for going to the gym and lifting weights and guess what, you don’t have to!

Find something you LOVE to do and do that instead! Maybe it’s a daily walk with the dog, a run on a trail, swimming in the lake or bicycling with a friend. If exercising is fun, then you’ll be more motivated to do it! So find something you LOVE to do and GET MOVING!


No Music. No Life.
A GREAT way to start the day is by listening to music! It MUST BE music that motivates you and makes you happy, of course. The right music can help put you in a great mood to be excited for the day ahead!
8 morning habits for a healthier life listen to music

Plus, both listening to and playing music have been found to be a great tool to keep the brain active as we age. It’s essentially a brain workout! Researchshows that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness and memory


A Negative Mind Will Never Give You A Positive Life
While this isn’t always easy to do, avoiding negative things can help start your day on a more positive note. Don’t check your email, watch the news, pay bills or talk to anyone who makes you upset for the first hour of your day. Focus on the POSITIVE and don’t let any of the negative in!
8-morning habits for a healthier life drink water avoid negativity

If you meditate and are grateful prior to interacting with your horrible boss, then you’ll be better able and prepared to deal with the stress of it all! It’s inevitable that stressful situations will come our way, but it is all about how we deal with them that matters and having a stronger mind and body will make it much easier when stress comes around.

While it may not be super easy to implement each of these starting tomorrow, you’ll surely find a much happier, healthier day if you start to add in some of them. Don’t be hard on yourself and just do your best! Keep in mind that your mental and physical health are a priority and set a few minutes aside daily to contribute to them!

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