7 ‘Health’ Foods That Aren’t Actually Healthy

on the go wellness chiropractor miami 7 health foods that aren't actually healthy
Do you feel like you eat healthy? This is one of the first questions I address with my patients during their initial intake because, as a society, we feel like we eat 'healthy.' But what really constitutes healthy eating? I often find that it's what mainstream media has marketed to us and beat into our brains since we were children...and it isn't actually healthy at all!

So, Dr. Josh and I have compiled a list of 7 foods that are best to stay away from, if you’re looking to live well and be well in the long run.

1. Fat Free Anything Is NOT Healthy

On The Go Wellness fat free anything is not healthy

When you read anything that says ‘fat-free, reduced-fat, low-fat, light’ I want you to think of one thing and one thing only…chemical shit storm! When a type of food is fat-free, it means that other artificial, hidden chemicals that do more harm than good are included. Our bodies need healthy fats and, sadly, fat has gotten a bad reputation over the years. If you’re going to eat that ice cream, I’d rather have you eating the original stuff versus ‘low-fat,’ because its ingredients will be closer to ‘real food.’

2. Artificial Sweeteners Are NOT Healthy

on the go wellness chiropractor miami artificial sweetners are not healthy

If you’ve been using artificial sweeteners, you MUST STOP NOW! Invented in the 1950’s, these ‘sugar-free’ sweeteners are loaded up with chemicals and have been controversial since the day they were released. There’s even a lack of evidence that they actually help control weight. In fact, a research study released states that those who used artificial sweeteners to flavor foods had an increased risk of weight gain and sugar cravings. If you want sugar in your coffee or with baking, just use brown sugar or even white sugar. A great substitute for sugar that we use often is honey, coconut milk or coconut oil.

3. Most Health & Energy Bars Are The Furthest Thing From Healthy

on the go wellness chiropractor miami most health and energy bars are the furthest thing from healthy

Health bars are all-the-rage nowadays because they’re convenient and easy. Why take the time to cook breakfast when you can just have a protein bar on the go? Because most of these bars are PACKED with sugar and include artificial ingredients. These additional ingredients include artificial colors, sweeteners, dyes and high-fructose corn syrup. If you’re in a hurry for breakfast or an afternoon snack, grab a piece of fruit or nuts (or prep some hard boiled eggs to eat on-the-go). Meal prepping each week is a great way to ensure you’ll have healthy food and snacks around whenever you need them. Tip: you can make your own protein bars with all real ingredients at home!

4. Cereal Is Not Healthy

on the go wellness chiropractor miami cereal is not healthy

Oh cereal….did you grow up eating it for breakfast? Cereal has little to no nutritional value besides being PACKED full of artificial colors, sugars and dyes. Plus, most are made with GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), which have been linked to allergies, digestive issues and even issues with fertility. Even if your cereal may say ‘all natural,’ chances are it’s a sad bag full of GMO chemicals. Obviously there are exceptions with organic cereals and granola, but why not just enjoy some real, home-cooked food that doesn’t come in a box or a bag?

5. Canned Soup Isn't Even Close To Healthy

on the go wellness chiropractor miami canned soup is not healthy

I lived on canned soup in college, until we were educated about it. Why? Because I was taught by commercials that it was healthy and helped with weight-control. Most soups are LOADED with salt and sugar. Did you know that Campbell’s Creamy Tomato Soup has 22 grams of sugar made of high fructose corn syrup!? EEEEK! Not to mention that most cans are lined with BPA, which has been linked to increased obesity.

6. Deli Meat (Even Turkey) Is Scarily Unhealthy

on the go wellness miami chiropractors deli meat is unhealthy

Deli turkey is marketed so heavily as a healthy lunch choice, and it drives me crazy! Processed meats are NOT healthy, as they are packed with artificial flavors and salt! Not to mention that processed meats have been linked to an increased in colorectal cancer!

7. Most Yogurt Isn't Healthy

on the go wellness chiropractor miami most yogurt isn't healthy

Another healthy breakfast misconception is yogurt. I’m sure you’re noticing a trend thus far in all of these foods and yogurt joins in the trend as well. Flavored yogurt is packed with artificial colors, sugars, flavors and dyes. Bummer, I know!

So What Should You Eat Then?

on the go wellness chiropractor miami so what should you eat then

It can be SO very frustrating because it seems like there really isn’t any type of food that is ‘good’ for you. I assure you, there really is!

I suggest THREE simple rules to my patients, friends and family:

1. When grocery shopping, stick with the outside aisles at the store, these are usually filled with real fruits, veggies and foods. Most of the aisles contain boxed, canned and processed foods.

2. If you can’t pronounce what’s on the back of the label, that means it’s made of chemical garbage. Put it back on the shelf, your body will surely be happy you did!

3. It’s super simple….Just eat real food! Stick with fruits, veggies and proteins and stay away from anything that comes from a box, bag or can!

You can learn more about nutrition and how to start working on a healthier you at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Bon Appétit!

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Dr. Nichole A. Walz

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