5 Ways Your Posture Is Affecting Your Health

on the go wellness chiropractor miami 5 ways your posture is affecting your health
How do you feel about your posture? With today's world always being on computers, phones and tablets, our posture is taking a serious beating.

The average person now spends approximately 10 Hours a day sitting! Not only is slouching making you look unconfident and less attractive, it's actually affecting your health as well.

Dr. Josh and I have outlined 5 ways that posture can affect your health, and how to help!

Poor Posture Can Lead To Neck Pain, Text Neck, Back Pain And Headaches

on the go wellness chiropractor miami poor posture leads to neck pain

Do you get headaches, have neck or back pain from being on your phone, tablet or computer all day?

You are 100% not alone…this is a growing EPIDEMIC! New research is finally being produced about the long-term affects that long-term slouching has on health, and it’s not looking good. 

Poor posture leads to strain on the muscles in the back and neck and early wear and tear on the spine and its discs. This causes degeneration, leading to symptoms like neck pain, back pain and headaches! 

Poor Posture Can Make You Sad And Depressed

on the go wellness chiropractor miami poor posture can make you depressed

I bet you never thought that slouching could be related to sadness and depression and a slew of other negative emotions?! 

A recent psychological research study revealed that people who sat up straight ‘reported feeling more enthusiastic, excited, and strong, while the slumped participants reported feeling more fearful, hostile, nervous, quiet, still, passive, dull, sleepy, and sluggish.” 

Poor Posture Can Decrease Your Energy

on the go wellness chiropractor miami poor posture can decrease your energy

 As your head starts to translate forward, what the medical world calls forward head posture (FHP), it puts more and more of a strain on your neck and upper back. 

The human head weighs about 11 pounds (5kg) and tilting it forward by just 15 degrees can put 27 pounds (12.2kg) of pressure on your neck! 

You can imagine how this overworks the muscles so quickly, causing fatigue and lethargy. Our patients with FHP commonly complain that their ‘head feels heavy all the time.’ Do you feel like that too? Now you know why!

Poor Posture Can Cause Digestive Issues

When we slouch forward day in and day out, our digestive organs are compressed, almost like a garden hose is compressed when you stand on it. Thus, food cannot pass and digest properly, leading to sluggish digestion.

Your lack of moment during the day will only make the problem worse. Research even has shown that your post-lunch forward slouching affects the absorption of carbohydrates and many other nutrients. 

Poor Posture Can Cause Respiratory Issues

on the go wellness chiropractor miami poor posture can cause respiratory issues

Let’s play a little game… 

I want you to slouch forward and try to take a deep breath. THEN, sit up straight, with your shoulders rolled back and take another deep breath.

Which breath was easier? The second one, right?! Now you can see how being slouched forward for years can affect your breathing, long-term.

How To Fix Your Posture?

on the go wellness chiropractor miami standing desk to help posture

So how do you fix your posture if you have to work at a computer all day? You certainly cannot quit your job!

Check out our blog post: “10 Exercises to Increase Back Strength and Improve Your Posture” for some simple exercises that you can implement in your daily life.

Proper ergonomics are  vital. Consider investing in a standing desk, which will help you rotate between sitting and standing. Dr. Josh and I have been using the one pictured above for 2 years now, it’s affordable, portable and helps SO much!

Finally, GET MOVING! Regular exercise strengthens all the muscles in your body, including your back! 

Here’s to better posture posture and better health!

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