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On The Go Wellness Chiropractor Miami: Herniated Discs-Coping Mechanisms-Part 1
Mental Health
Dr. Nichole A. Walz

Coping Mechanisms: Part One

And we’re back with more Mental Health Awareness content, just in time to close out the month. Today, I wanted to talk about something that doesn’t get talked about enough; struggling with mental health does NOT always look the same. It isn’t always obvious, and it doesn’t always look like someone crying and struggling to get out of bed. In reality, sometimes you don’t even know you’re struggling until you’re too far in.

So how can you catch yourself struggling before it gets bad? And what can you do about it? Take a look at your coping mechanisms. Be critical of the ways in which you seek joy, and spend your time, ask yourself if there’s anything you’re avoiding, ask yourself if you’re proud of your current habits. You may find that you’re utilizing unhealthy coping mechanisms, in which case it would be beneficial to dig deeper. Here are just some ways this can show up in your daily life:

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